I’m excited about cider

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I’ve been talking to people about cider the past week for an article and it’s piqued my interest the way craft beer did a few years ago. Maybe even more so. I’ve never had the urge or impulse to open a brewery (have interviewed far too many brewery owners–I’ll leave the paperwork and the legal headaches and the 80-hour weeks for them), but a cidery sounds … appealing. ┬áIt’s much more environmentally sustainable; depending on how and what you source, the apples can come entirely from local farms. And 100% of the waste can go back to local farms in the form of animal feed or compost. And hey, trees are great for the environment.

The cider market is booming and we’re only just starting to see the emergence of American-made European styles alongside the standard sweet cider swill. You can barrel age it, or dry hop it, make it funky or tart or sweet. Cider pairs well with a wide range of food and is lower in ABV and more sessionable on the whole. And I have yet to encounter any insufferable cider snobs or CiderAdvocate or cider hoarders, although I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

I don’t think I’m about to quit everything to open up a cider operation anytime soon, but I do think a nice little cider house and bar selling cider donuts and apple butter year-round would do quite nicely. Let me know if there are any takers.

Also, Chicago–I’m pretty jealous of your two new cider bars, proximity to Virtue Cider and bounty of Michigan apples, and the upcoming Cider Summit. Save some cider for the rest of us.

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  1. You should rename your blog “Heather Continually Convinces Matt of Fall’s Awesomeness.”

    Mmmm, cider donuts.

    1. Kinda catchy! Man, fall really is awesome.

  2. Cider bars? No kidding…I think I’ll stick to cider donuts.

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