One month out

I left Boston a month ago today. Since then, I’ve passed through 10 states (NH, ME, NY, OH, IN, IL, MO, KS, CO, MA) and visited 11 breweries (Maine Beer Co., Strong, Allagash, Four Hands, Urban Chestnut, Schlalfly, Boulevard, Crooked Stave, Great Divide, Black Shirt, Cannonball Creek), a distillery (Maine Craft Distilling) and a cidery/fermentory (Urban Farm Fermentory). I’ve caught up with old friends and met many great, kind people along the way.

Denver is pretty rad in almost every way: great beer scene (duh)–a handful of breweries in every neighborhood, each one with a cool tasting room/outdoor space, food trucks parked outside, live music and happy hour–cool coffee shops that serve beer and stay open late, 24-hour diners and restaurants, sunshine and proximity to mountains and trails, cheap rent/taxis/beer/food, and most importantly, an abundance of good tacos.

Still haven’t had much of a chance to really explore it, between fest stuff and deadlines, but Courtney and I went to Lookout Mountain and Golden today for pretty views and good beer.


IMG_6625 IMG_6644

Here’s to the next month. After Denver, I’ll be going to Montreal for a little bit and then to another farm in Maine. And after that…who knows.

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  1. If you get into Boulder, the one-two punch of Boulder Mountain Park and Southern Sun Brewpub is pretty good. The trails aren’t terribly strenuous at the park, but offer amazing views of the mountains/city (of course) and is about three miles from Southern Sun, which has great beers (of course).

    1. Awesome. I think we’re doing Fort Collins/Boulder today. Juxtaposition of great trails and great beers is one of my favorite things about being out here so far.

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