Going to Denver

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My friend Jess is moving to Denver so I am driving out there with her in a creepy white van. We leave tomorrow and will arrive (hopefully) on Wednesday night, just in time for GABF. Our planned route is above if you have any suggestions for beer or food stuff or ridiculous road side attractions. (We’re especially looking for good donuts.) Night one will be in Cleveland, night two somewhere outside of St. Louis.

We’ll be putting in some pretty long driving days, followed by exploration at night, but I’ll try to post some updates from the road.


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  1. Did this drive years ago. Drive quickly past Decatur, IL, which is sad, but a fun stop in the wasteland that is Kansas is Wamego, a town entirely devoted to the Wizard of Oz.

    1. Amazing! Thanks for the tip. What do you think the beer selection’s like there?

      1. All “green” or monkey-based, right? Has to be. Golden Monkey? IPAs? Guess Lion Stout could make an appearance.

        Hope you’ve got a good soundtrack to take you all the way there!

      2. We’ve got some playlists lined up. Lot of 90s, of course.

  2. If you were to travel I-80 instead, you could swing by Three Floyd’s and Nebraska Beer Co. As a former Bostonian living in Denver, safe travels and welcome to our fair city!

    1. Tempting, but driving through that much of Nebraska kinda scares me. And thank you! Very much looking forward to some time in Denver.

  3. I’d say it would be tempting to go to Three Floyds at least! Did Jess find her GABF tickets? Have a good time in Denver this week!

    1. Thanks George! I don’t think so, but maybe the craft beer fairy will work some magic.

  4. Hey Heather, here’s a Google Map of some beer places in St. Louis & KC (and some other historical and baseball related stuff) from a quick trip I did at the beginning of the summer. http://goo.gl/maps/ioyws I didn’t get to hit all the places on the map (or even most of them), but I “curated” a bunch from recommendations based on local MO beer writers & friends. Cheers and enjoy.

    1. Hey Mike, so sorry–just saw this now! But I hope to head back to STL and KC so I will hold onto for then. Thanks again!

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